Reason 1: Because healthcare is in motion.

Futuristic illustration of a medication capsule and a leaf. 

Reason 1: Because healthcare is in motion.

Parenterals are the market of tomorrow ...

... and pose challenges for pharmaceutical manufacturers in terms of secondary packaging. Traceability, user- and environmentally-friendly packaging, flexibility, and protection of sensitive parenterals are crucial factors.

Pharma needs to become more sustainable ...

... because customers and patients demand more environmentally friendly solutions. Governments are introducing stricter regulations and because pharmaceutical companies themselves are setting ambitious sustainability goals,-recyclable packaging plays a key role in all of this.

Track and Trace is becoming standard ...

... because laws are meant to ensure that doctors and patients can fully rely on the effectiveness of solids and parenterals. For pharmaceutical companies, track and trace implementation is often a complex task that begins with the packaging process.

Reason 2: Because the industry faces new challenges in parenteral packaging.

Futuristic illustration of a syringe and a vial.

Reason 2: Because the industry faces new challenges in parenteral packaging.

Track and Trace requires real expertise ...

… because seamless traceability means that all processes must be digitally recorded and monitored –  from filling to secondary and tertiary packaging, logistics, and delivery to the end-user. Pharmaceutical producers are responsible for creating the technical foundations for this.

Sustainability requires rethinking and taking action ...

... because from a sustainability perspective, commonly used pharmaceutical packaging is not always ideal. Therefore, pharmaceutical manufacturers must look for alternative packaging solutions. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to process environmentally friendly mono materials such as cardboard in a versatile way.

Process security is more complex than ever ...

... because parenterals are often highly sensitive to vibration and temperature, and their primary packaging, such as syringes, bottles, vials, and ampoules, is often fragile. Pharmaceutical companies require processes that cover all eventualities to efficiently prevent waste.

No batch is the same ...

... because parenterals usually require small to medium batch sizes of different products to be packaged. Often, the number or composition of the products to be packaged also changes during the product life cycle. In short, packaging parenterals requires maximum flexibility.

Reason 3: Because your packaging processes and machines will have to do more for parenterals.

Material diversity

For more sustainability, packaging machines must be able to process a wide range of materials.


Packaging systems must be able to produce the most diverse formats and closures while remaining as easy to use as possible.


Patient safety begins at the packaging process, so track-and-trace solutions should start there too.

Process reliability

Sensitive products must be handled particularly carefully during packaging processes to avoid waste.

Are you looking for a partner with experience in parenteral packaging?

Are you looking for a partner with experience in parenteral packaging?

With 75 years of packaging experience and 30 years of expertise in handling and packaging parenterals, you can trust Uhlmann when it comes to safely packaging sensitive pharmaceutical products such as syringes, ampoules, vials, or pens.

Find out more about our top solutions for packaging parenterals:

The BLU 200 in an industrial hall.

Blister machine BLU 200

The BLU 200 blister machine is ideal for packaging smaller and medium-sized batches of parenteral products. The modular design of the compact blister machine leads to maximum flexibility in packaging.

Parenteral Tray Center PTC 200

The Parenteral Tray Center PTC 200 combines proven cartoning technology with easy handling and a modular machine concept. Sustainability, process reliability, and maximum flexibility in packaging parenterals have never been easier.

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