Developments that will shape tomorrow’s pharmaceutical market

Developments that will shape tomorrow’s pharmaceutical market

The healthcare system in 2040 will look significantly different than what we know today. Societal and technological developments will greatly influence healthcare systems and medical care, and also imply far-reaching changes for pharmaceutical packaging. Join us in looking at the major challenges and solutions you will encounter in the coming years.

More complex medication

Pharmaceuticals will not only become more effective, but also bio-chemically more complex. The ever-longer molecule chains make the increased use of parenteral products unavoidable. And this presents pharmaceutical companies and packers with new requirements throughout the entire value chain.

More sustainability

With each passing day sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all industries. After all, it protects our common basis of life. Companies in the pharmaceutical industry face a particularly large task when it comes to sustainability, as their products don’t work without composite materials or non-recyclable plastics. Changing the packaging is a potentially very time-consuming and costly process due to medical approval.

Comprehensive automation and traceability

Tamper-proof pharmaceuticals in seamless production, packaging, and delivery processes with minimal rejects are win-win products for patients, healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry, and governments. Thanks to automation and traceability they are also within reach.

Digital PTC 200 Show

Digital PTC 200 Show

Flexible, sustainable, future-proof: With the Parenteral Tray Center PTC 200, you are ready for more than one future and can adjust your packaging designs and materials according to market demands at any given time. You can find a recording of the Digital PTC 200 Show and discover all details of our machine highlight for Parenteral Packaging on our Uhlmann Plaza.

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Parenteral Tray Center 200 – a machine, ready for any future


Parenteral Tray Center 200 – a machine, ready for any future
To meet all future requirements of pharmaceutical companies, medical personnel, and patients, packaging systems that can do more are needed: Vials in carton trays, pens in blisters, or even a product combination in the most sustainable secondary packaging possible? No problem with the PTC 200. Bring packaging flexibility to a new level and put the individual needs of your customers more in focus. Today, tomorrow, and in 2040.

Benefits of the PTC 200 at a glance


With carton made of environmentally friendly mono-material.


Due to medical device tracking and cold chain tracking.


Thanks to variable feed for a wide range of pharmaceutical products.


Through quick configuration of different applications.

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